I like it weird. Luckily for me the world is a very weird place full of preposterous people living absurd lifes. Like me, for example.
The trigger for becoming an illustrator lays way back in my early childhood when I fell madly in love with comics and was cemented later in my life through skateboard- and music culture.
As soon as I finished school I started studying design and illustration in Germany and Mexico and graduated with honors. Now I am living the dream, being a freelance Illustrator and designer, creating artworks for a wide range of clients like musicians, magazines, design agencies, think tanks, restaurants, tech companies and many more, doing streetart and comic projects on the side.
I belief that the initial ideas always should be as crazy as possible. There is always the option to „normal“ it down, but it is very hard to get batshit crazy in the middle of the process.
The woman on the left is my grandmother, who let me experiment in her art studio on the weekends, when I was a little boy.
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